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The cool air hit me like a blast of air conditioning as I left the house.  Walking up the road, drops of water dripped off the tree branches.  Shawnee’s white fur on her legs was splattered with the red-brown color of the road.  And everything just seemed that much greener. …

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It’s a Cyclist’s World

As I drove up Foothills Parkway, traffic slowed to a crawl.  The culprit?  A pack of cyclists.  Which logically makes no sense.  There’s a substantial bike lane on Route 36 several feet wide that more than accommodates a cyclist without infringing on the flow of traffic.  But what’s that saying…

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Fire Restrictions

Something historic is happening in southwest Colorado.  And no, it doesn’t involve the discovery of gold or other precious minerals.  Instead it has to do with the greatest threat to our precious wilderness areas and forests – wildfire. Historic Closure For the first time in its history, the San Juan…

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Boulder Falls

Driving up Boulder Canyon, the cars in front of me abruptly come to a stop.  After eight years living in Nederland, I’m used to slow traffic in summer.  Seems like everybody wants to get out of the heat and head to the mountains.  But this time is different.  The cars…

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