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Squeaky Snow

As I wake from bed, I stumble over to the loft and stare out the huge windows.  It is so cold that it seems even time has frozen.  The air is hushed and nothing seems to be moving in this wintry scene.  Still, it is 7 a.m. and the dogs…

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The Never Ending Fire Season

I watched with horror as the video played on the national news website.  Flames on either side of the road, the sky dark as night, branches falling on top of the truck.  In my head, I knew this person must have made it out alive, because after all, the news…

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A Draft Decision

We were hanging out on the deck on a beautiful May afternoon.  Suddenly, flames appeared on PeeWink Ridge, less than a mile from our house.  Bryon called 911 to report it,  As a precaution, he gathered the cat carriers, and prepared to evacuate. Fortunately, that particular day, the winds were…

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