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Travel outside Colorado

Lost in Toronto

Note:  This post is off-topic from the normal living in Colorado stories. After we made it to the hotel through paper map and navigating by the North Star (just kidding), I thought things would get better. That was until a conversation with Verizon Wireless. “We can’t provide you cell service…

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No Smart Phone?

“Hey, can you check the Google maps and get the directions for the hotel?” I asked Brian. “The phone isn’t working.  It shows five bars, but the map isn’t loading.” “Try the browser and see if that is working.” “That’s not working either.” Ding!  Incoming text. “I just got a…

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Working five years as a ski instructor at Winter Park, I’ve got the drive from Nederland down pat.  Full confession.  Sometime I zone out while driving and miss out on the beautiful scenery or wildlife along the way.  But this morning, as I took the Empire exit off I-70, out…

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