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Taking Down the Teepee

At first I thought it was a slash pile. A pile of branches stacked up teepee style in the woods. Slash piles are commonplace in the woods around Nederland. We had several on our own property. Slash is what you have left over when  you cut down a tree. Most…

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The Big Cat

“So would it be ok if I went hiking at night on the trails near our house?” asked our friends, who also live in Nederland. “Ummm,  I don’t know about that.” “We’d bring our headlamps. What could go wrong?” “Well, there are mountain lions around here.” “Really? How do you…

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We’d walked by the sign day after day, week after week, and year after year. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have more acreage? We could build a trail for the dogs” I said. “Better yet, we’d be able to mitigate it and better protect our house from wildfires” my husband…

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As I opened the car door, the wind grabbed it from my hands, jerking it open. Stepping out of the car, the biting wind brought tears to my eyes. Within seconds, I could no longer feel my ears. As I opened the hatch, Shawnee peered out at me. Normally, she…

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