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My partner in life, Bryon, is a weather geek, who loves all things weather.  While I think weather is fun and interesting, I don’t understand the science behind it, but he does, having studied meteorology in college.   Bryon found this endearing and promptly gave me a gift to help me with my ignorance — “Weather for Dummies.”

One of the first tasks after we moved in involved setting up the weather station, which almost gave me a heart attack.  Setting up the weather station included installing an anenomometer on the very tippy top corner of our roof.  So dedicated to  making sure it could capture wind speed, Bryon insisted on climbing the ladder and hammering it in, as I held my breath.

I later found out how important that anenomeometer is, because it measure wind speed.  I should have known it would need to be very sturdy, after talking with my friends Christie and Susie who both lived here.  When I let them know we were moving to Nederland, I got the following response:

“Hmmm, Nederland, it’s pretty windy there.”

How windy could it possibly be?  I would find out during the first winter, when I woke up one night, thinking the house would blow apart.  We routinely experience hurricane-force winds during the winter, which certainly makes life interesting.

But like much of Colorado, Nederland’s weather can change quickly.  We’ve experienced 60 degree days in February and three foot snowstorms in late May.  Which makes it a great place to be to enjoy all the whims of Colorado weather.

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