Circular Driving

As a child learning to cross a street, I learned the following. I can still hear my father’s voice in my head. “First you look left to make sure no cars are coming, then you look right, then left again. Go!” Well, when it comes to driving a traffic circle,…

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This Could Never Happen to Me

“I’m moving to Louisville. I want to get away from the wildfire danger up here in Nederland.” This is what my neighbor said several years ago when you sold her house. Now I wonder if she even has a home anymore. It’s horrific — 991 homes lost in the blink…

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Can WFH Save the Planet?

The climate change news is bleak. “The report “is a code red for humanity”, says the UN chief.” Having a day off and needing to do business in Boulder, I turned on Colorado Public Radio in my car and heard the news on climate change. Human activity is definitively causing…

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The Hairless Marmot

“Eeeep! Eeep!” The familiar chirp of alerted me before I saw his chubby body perched on top of the rocks. The marmots were sounding the alarm as I hiked up towards the tundra. As I watched him dive in between the rocks, i reflected on a story from my Park…

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