Colorado Front Range


The Front Range

The Front Range. Spend any time in the state of Colorado and you’ll undoubtedly hear this term. “We’re expecting rain along the Front Range over the weekend.” “Housing prices increased along the Front Range the past year.” What’s in a Name So what exactly is the Front Range? Or perhaps…

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Seventy Degrees

Runners in shorts and tank tops.  People wearing flip flops, eating ice cream.  If you didn’t know better, you would have thought it was the middle of July.  I couldn’t reconcile the scene in my mind with what was coming the next day. Twenty-four hours later, it felt like mid…

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Colorado’s glaciers

Just past Lake Isabelle, I catch my first glance.  It’s long and white, and from this distance, it could be just a large patch of snow hanging from the top of the mountain.  I keep up my pace, and encounter the season’s first new snow — first just a couple…

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The Western Slope

Suddenly, the pine, fir and aspen trees are replaced by scrubby trees, red dirt and brown dusty hillsides.  The landscape looks dry, high desert dry, with prickly looking shrubs dotting the landscape every so often.  We’ve been driving I-70 going west through Colorado, and have crossed through the alpine environment…

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