Grand Junction


The Front Range

The Front Range. Spend any time in the state of Colorado and you’ll undoubtedly hear this term. “We’re expecting rain along the Front Range over the weekend.” “Housing prices increased along the Front Range the past year.” What’s in a Name So what exactly is the Front Range? Or perhaps…

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A Very Special Birthday

“What do you want for your birthday?” Each one of us gets this question from our spouse, our mother, our friend each year. Sure, you could ask for something like jewelry, a new dress, or even some techy gadget. But when I reflect back on all my birthdays, one stands…

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Working five years as a ski instructor at Winter Park, I’ve got the drive from Nederland down pat.  Full confession.  Sometime I zone out while driving and miss out on the beautiful scenery or wildlife along the way.  But this morning, as I took the Empire exit off I-70, out…

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Culture Shift

Big news! The BLM is moving to Grand Junction. When I first heard that on Colorado Public Radio, I did a double take. Grand Junction? I get all the reasoning about moving people west.  Employees should be close to the public lands that they act as stewards for. Blah, blah,…

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