Colorado Public Radio


A Wild Crane Chase

Where were the cranes? After driving four and a half hours, with the anticipation building, there weren’t here. Just a few ducks and a rogue goose. This was fast turning into a wild crane chase. It all started last week while listening to Colorado Public Radio. One of reasons I…

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The Front Range

The Front Range. Spend any time in the state of Colorado and you’ll undoubtedly hear this term. “We’re expecting rain along the Front Range over the weekend.” “Housing prices increased along the Front Range the past year.” What’s in a Name So what exactly is the Front Range? Or perhaps…

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Nesting Among Skyscrapers

I’ve never been a bird person.  While working as a Park Ranger for 17 years, visitors frequently asked about wildlife. “How much do black bears weigh?” “How many elk live in the park?” “Should we worry about mountain lions when hiking?” But the one question that usually I struggled with…

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Holiday Lights

Like many kids, I loved Christmas. But it wasn’t just about the presents under the tree.  I loved everything else — the gingerbread cookies, the wreaths on the door and yes, the holiday lights. My dad kind of took a unique approach the lights.  He bought these iridescent blue lights…

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