Estes Park


Don’t Feed the Squirrels

A Strange Interaction As I came back from my lunch, I took my familiar position staffing the information desk.  Five minutes later, a family walked in — mom, dad, a younger daughter and son.  They looked to the be the typical midwestern family visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the…

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Nederland Commuter Speed

Off I went, driving the big county van down the canyon.  Sitting high, and driving a county vehicle, I had to be much more careful than my usual drive down the canyon.  I actually ended up driving the speed limit, and being mindful of a controlled navigation of the many…

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Mountain Fireworks

Like many other places around the country, Nederland prepared this evening for the big fireworks display on Fourth of July.  Cars were barked along Barker Reservoir, tents were set up along turn outs, and people sat in lawn chairs sipping cold beverages as they waited for the sun to set…

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