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March 2018


The battle of the ski passes

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Epic Pass look out, there’s a new player in town.  The Ikon Pass has arrived. The biggest revenue generator to Colorado’s economy is tourism.  And a huge part of that revenue is generated in the wintertime through Colorado’s ski industry, with an estimated 5 billion dollars…

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History Recreation

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’d passed the sign hundreds of times before.  But as I drove the Peak to Peak Highway today and saw the familiar brown sign with white letters etched into it, I took the time to think about it. Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Much of the…

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John Denver

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Here’s a trivia question for you.  Who is Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.?  Not exactly the kind of name you can picture featured on a marquee.  Which is in large part why Henry changed his name upon embarking on a musical career to the more memorable John…

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Ghost Cats

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The ripped apart bloody remains of the deer were the first sign.   The giant paw prints in the snow, showing five distinct pads were the second sign.  Make no mistake — the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are mountain lion habitat. Living in the Sierra Mountains of…

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