Knowing Your Neighbors

Block party!  The flyer evoked memories of neighborhood families gathering together in a mid western suburb with kids playing jump rope, hamburgers grilling on the grill, and people sharing a beer on a hot summer day. Yet this flyer instead advertised a get together in a rural part of Colorado…

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Hike of the Week: Heart Lake

As we hit the 4-mile mark, the trail begins to level out.  The forest becomes a bit more sparse, and the view open up.  And the walk through the the thick subalpine forest, and the squishing through the occasional mud bog have all been worth it. A Walk in the…

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The Missing Monsoon

Like many others, I followed the story of the boys’ soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand with rapt attention.  It felt crazy to think they went for short walk into the cave to explore for what they thought would be an hour, and it turned into a 2-week…

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A Weasely Weasel

A blur of fur caught my eye in the forest.  Just as I looked over, something tawny scooted behind a tree and perched on a log.  I walked softly ahead, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever it was.  It couldn’t be very big — a moose, deer, or elk…

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