Abounding with Abert’s

A fleeting glimpse of black caught my eye.  I glanced over into the woods, and spotted the tufts of black fur jutting up from the ears, as the Abert’s Squirrel stopped for just a moment to nibble.  Clutching a pine cone in its paws, before I could stop to take…

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BolderBoulder: A Different Perspective

As I approached Barker Park, a group of 20 people or so gathered around.  Only for the BolderBoulder would a group be gathered at 6 a.m. in this location.  A woman with a ball cap shouted directions: “Make sure you check in and get your t-shirt and jacket.  Who hasn’t…

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Wildfire Wildlife

From Burn to Boon

When I first saw my friends after their home burned to the ground, I didn’t know what to say?  I knew how I would feel if we had lost our home.  But the loss felt even more bitter for my friends.  Like my husband and me, they had bought the…

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Wherever you go, disaster can happen

I’ve never been to the island of Oahu, but like many, have fantasized how idyllic it would be.  White sand beaches, turquoise blue waters — what’s not to like?  For many, it’s their fantasy dream of the ideal place to live.  It’s especially appealing during the cold, windy and snowy…

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