Combatting Cabin Fever

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “So how do you know so much about the animals in the forest?” This from the mouth of an 8-year old from Arkansas who was sitting on the chairlift with me at Winter Park.  He was part of my ski school class I was teaching for…

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The winter that wasn’t

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn They had planned the trip for months.  You would have to book the reservations months in advance as a Christmas trip to Telluride, Colorado would be highly coveted by most.  Instead of tons of trails covered in powdery snow, they were instead confronted with barren slopes,…

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Sharing the trails in winter

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Working in Lake Tahoe for four winters for a cross-country ski touring center, I’m well aware how difficult it can be for these types of centers to make money.  Downhill skiing is by far the more glamorous sport, both in terms of its top athletes and…

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Meteors in the mountains

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “Did you see that?” As Bryon and I headed out to meet some friends, a brilliant burst of light streaked across the dark sky.  In the blink of an eye, it was gone.  But seeing it reminded me of the vastness of the universe and how…

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