Mt. Sanitas

Spring in the Colorado Rocky Mountains can be a tease.  One day, temperatures soar to 60 degrees and you swear spring has arrived.  The next, it’s 20 degrees and snowing. On those warm days, summer feels like it is just around the corner.  I long for a good hike.  But…

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The Quest for Gas

As we wound around the curve in the dark and fog, a bright orange light came on. Uh oh. The symbol of the gas tank gave me pangs of anxiety.  We’d come about a third of the way up the canyon.  Should we push on hoping we had enough to…

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The “Wiley” Coyote?

Driving down Ridge Road in the dark, the glowing orbs caught my eye.  A dog?  A fox?  Then, its gray, fluffy tail caught my eye along with its pointy nose.  The coyote slunk across the road and meandered off through the snow.  Scrounging for food, I’m guessing. Perhaps no wild…

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