Barker Reservoir

Colorado Road Trips

Surf’s Up!

For a mountain lover, Colorado is nirvana. For a beach lover, not so much. Record Snow Pack Like many of the interior states, Colorado is land locked.  Over one thousand miles, and two days of driving will finally get you to southern California or the coast of Texas.  If you…

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The Rim Trail

Where’s there’s a lake, there’s a rim.  Where there’s a rim, there’s a trail.  At least in the case of Barker Reservoir. As the sun started to sink lower in the sky, I felt the need to try and squeeze in a run.  My normal favored running spots are almost…

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April Fools or April Nightmare?

“In a shocking move, Thursday, Nederland Town Hall announced plans to incorporate into the City of Boulder.” So led the front page article of Nederland’s local weekly newspaper, the Mountain-Ear .  Just the thought of such a preposterous idea led me to shudder.  What??? For some local residents who didn’t…

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The Power of Water

It  is spilling.  Just two weeks ago, the brown rim around the reservoir exposed just how low the water had gotten.  Just a month ago, the water had receded so much that rocks and roots were exposed everywhere.  Now, in seemingly the blink of the eye, it is filled to…

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