Barker Reservoir


The Rim Trail

Where’s there’s a lake, there’s a rim.  Where there’s a rim, there’s a trail.  At least in the case of Barker Reservoir. As the sun started to sink lower in the sky, I felt the need to try and squeeze in a run.  My normal favored running spots are almost…

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April Fools or April Nightmare?

“In a shocking move, Thursday, Nederland Town Hall announced plans to incorporate into the City of Boulder.” So led the front page article of Nederland’s local weekly newspaper, the Mountain-Ear .  Just the thought of such a preposterous idea led me to shudder.  What??? For some local residents who didn’t…

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The Power of Water

It  is spilling.  Just two weeks ago, the brown rim around the reservoir exposed just how low the water had gotten.  Just a month ago, the water had receded so much that rocks and roots were exposed everywhere.  Now, in seemingly the blink of the eye, it is filled to…

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First Freeze

When I opened the door, the bracing cold surprised me.  Just an hour ago, it felt like a balmy Indian Summer kind of day with warm sunshine baking the parking lot.  But now, the briskness enveloped me.  I felt ill prepared for my late afternoon run, which I had anticipated…

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