Melting Snow = Flooding

As we walked down the trail, we came to The View.  The place on the trail to North Boulder Creek, where the woods open up and the Indian Peaks appear in all their glory.  The setting sun created a purple-pink glow glinting off the snow.  The snow filling the cirques…

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Saving the Bobcat

As I grabbed moving boxes from the great room, something gray caught my eye. Our front door has glass windows alongside and some creature perched on our front porch.  Hmmm, must be our neighbor’s house cat. I walked over to get a better look.  A gray-reddish cat with spots crouched…

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Power Outage

Sitting on the couch watching television, it felt like a normal Sunday night.  Suddenly, the strumming of my cell phone broke through my tranquility.  Glancing down, I saw the number of my friend who lived in town. Knowing we get spotty cell service at best, I picked up our landline…

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Meet the Beetles

From afar, the tree awed me with its size and beauty.  Growing along North Boulder Creek, its branches drooped with green-blue needles and cones.  Its top soared every higher towards the blue sky.During this May afternoon, the tree seemed perfectly healthy.  Upon closer inspection, though, I saw sap oozing out…

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