For my regular readers, I wanted to let folks know that the blogging will be less frequent for the next month.

November is National Novel Writing Month. I am trying to finish my book, a memoir about seeking my dream life in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you are not familiar with Nanowrimo, the idea is to strive for a word count goal each day in order that you can complete the rough draft of a novel in the span of one month.  Writers participate within a larger writing community by registering at the Nanowrimo website.  Within different towns, Nanowrimo writers sometimes meet to share material, encouragement, and excitement for their writing projects.

I belong to a small writing circle here in Nederland and will be meeting weekly with one of my writing buddies.  I’m excited, but nervous, because it is daunting to think of the discipline required to work on something of this scale on a daily basis.  But my hope is I will have something wonderful to show for it when the month is over.

My novel currently is 20,000 words long, so am looking as this to be the impetus to complete my first draft in entirety.

I will still blog as notable events or stories occur that I would like to share, but the blog posts may be fewer during November than I normally would write.

To involve you readers in the process, I may share excerpts from my book during this process.

Thanks for your support!