Rocky Mountains


The Big Cat

“So would it be ok if I went hiking at night on the trails near our house?” asked our friends, who also live in Nederland. “Ummm,  I don’t know about that.” “We’d bring our headlamps. What could go wrong?” “Well, there are mountain lions around here.” “Really? How do you…

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Rock Slides

“Ding, Ding” Fast asleep under the down comforter, I thought I dreamed it.  A doorbell, maybe? Nope, it was my cell phone.  Picking it up, I glanced at the time — 5:08 a.m.  Who could be messaging me at this hour?  Maybe an east coast friend… “Boulder Canyon closed at…

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Masked Marauders

I heard them before I saw them. “Eeeek, Eeek!” Their high-pitched shrieks alerted me I wasn’t alone. Out of the darkness they came.  The motions sensor light clicked on, illuminating their fat, furry bodies.  First one, with the trademark pointy nose and mask across its face, followed by the fluffy,…

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