Rocky Mountain National Park


Staying Found

Where the heck was the trail? Or more importantly, where was the trailhead? When I’d decided to go on a hike around Mt. Shasta in early October, I’d thought there might be snow, but as I walked farther into the forest, the snow had become deeper. Still I didn’t worry,…

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The Big Cat

“So would it be ok if I went hiking at night on the trails near our house?” asked our friends, who also live in Nederland. “Ummm,  I don’t know about that.” “We’d bring our headlamps. What could go wrong?” “Well, there are mountain lions around here.” “Really? How do you…

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Quotas for Wilderness?

What is wilderness? When I think of wilderness, I think of rugged natural settings, primeval forests, wildlife and most of all serenity. Wilderness is an escape from civilization and the bustle of every day life. I still remember the first time I climbed Pawnee Pass. It felt like the I…

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