Park Ranger


Meaning behind the flag

Working as a Park Ranger for many years, I became fascinated with visiting other national park sites.  One of my most memorable visits occurred at Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore.  I got to learn all about our national anthem as well as a lot of history behind America’s flag….

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Youth in conservation

“You were a Park Ranger?  My son wants to become a Park Ranger, can you talk with him?” Such is the conversation I’m having with a woman I met on the trail last summer in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  It’s a common question I get when people found out I…

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National parks for all?

“….to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” — Organic Act of 1916 When national parks…

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Bears Forever Wild

Weary from the day’s backpack, after setting up my tent, I popped open the lid on the bear canister and wandered over to a rock to plop down.  I needed a moment to rest my aching back before pulling out my food and beginning the dinner routine.  With the sun…

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