Travel outside Colorado

Lost in Toronto

Note:  This post is off-topic from the normal living in Colorado stories. After we made it to the hotel through paper map and navigating by the North Star (just kidding), I thought things would get better. That was until a conversation with Verizon Wireless. “We can’t provide you cell service…

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Your GPS lied

We waited and waited and waited.  I’d been excited to have my family visit our Nederland home for the first time since we moved here.  They’d flown into Denver and rented a car to make the 1-hour drive to our mountain home.  Living off of a private dirt road, I’d…

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The Sound of Music…or Nature?

Sitting on the chairlift, beauty surrounds me.  Evergreen trees decked in snow, animal tracks criss cross under the lift, leading into the woods.  I glance up and see the clouds flying by the tops of the mountains.  “What a beautiful day!” I say to the woman sitting next to me…

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