Interstate 70



Working five years as a ski instructor at Winter Park, I’ve got the drive from Nederland down pat.  Full confession.  Sometime I zone out while driving and miss out on the beautiful scenery or wildlife along the way.  But this morning, as I took the Empire exit off I-70, out…

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Meet the Beetles

From afar, the tree awed me with its size and beauty.  Growing along North Boulder Creek, its branches drooped with green-blue needles and cones.  Its top soared every higher towards the blue sky.During this May afternoon, the tree seemed perfectly healthy.  Upon closer inspection, though, I saw sap oozing out…

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Snowy May??

Are snowy Mays the new normal?  I’m beginning to think so. We’re only three days into the month of May, and we’ve already had almost 12 inches of snow. Now in any given year,  you could chalk that up to an aberration of weather for that year.  But in the…

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Like many other commuters around the country on a Wednesday morning at 7 a.m., I found myself sitting in a traffic jam on an interstate highway.  Unlike the rest of you, I am thoroughly baffled by this occurrence.  Why am I sitting in a traffic jam on westbound I-70 near…

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