Front Range

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It’s Spilling!

Driving up Boulder Canyon, the sound of water surrounds me. With Boulder Creek running alongside the road, it’s hard not to notice what’s going on. Water! The rush of water, roiling rapids, pushing down the hillside at levels not seen in more than a year. There’s so much water, that…

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Fourth of July Plans

Fourth of July evokes celebrations of our country’s independence. Fireworks, family barbecues, and parades. This year, all of that goes out the window. During my life, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of Fourth of July celebrations. Right after college, I went with a bunch of friends to the Mall in…

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Dreading Winter or…

Looking forward to it. I got reminded today that there are indeed two perspectives when talking with a friend of mine. “Ugh, I heard we’re supposed to get snow again on Sunday.  Why can’t it stay like today all year round?” he lamented. “I take it you’re not  a winter…

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The Gold Rush That Wasn’t

Living in the foothills of the Front Range, you can’t escape the history of Colorado’s Gold Rush. Old mines abound as you hike local trails near Caribou, Eldora and Ward and old mining roads dot the Forest Service land around Nederland. So, I listened with interest when Colorado Public Radio…

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