Estes Park


The Parks of Colorado

Working as a park ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, I got asked a variety of questions from park visitors.  Many times they were obvious questions you’d expect:  “How far is it to Grand Lake?”, “Where can we see the elk?”, “Can you recommend an easy hike?” What’s a Park…

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Don’t Feed the Squirrels

A Strange Interaction As I came back from my lunch, I took my familiar position staffing the information desk.  Five minutes later, a family walked in — mom, dad, a younger daughter and son.  They looked to the be the typical midwestern family visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the…

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Nederland Commuter Speed

Off I went, driving the big county van down the canyon.  Sitting high, and driving a county vehicle, I had to be much more careful than my usual drive down the canyon.  I actually ended up driving the speed limit, and being mindful of a controlled navigation of the many…

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