This Could Never Happen to Me

“I’m moving to Louisville. I want to get away from the wildfire danger up here in Nederland.” This is what my neighbor said several years ago when you sold her house. Now I wonder if she even has a home anymore. It’s horrific — 991 homes lost in the blink…

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The Haves and the Have Nots

It happened overnight. The fan stopped running. Why did we have the fan running on a snowy night, you might ask. During summers with no air conditioning, a box fan to put in the window is indispensable. Having bought our home in June, we got used to the hum of…

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Pulling into Costco to fill up the gas tank, I realized just how dirty and grimy my Subaru was.  As I stood alongside the car, blotches of dark gray coated my jeans.  Though at times, I try to wash the car, I know it is a fruitless endeavor, as within…

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