A Very Special Birthday

“What do you want for your birthday?” Each one of us gets this question from our spouse, our mother, our friend each year. Sure, you could ask for something like jewelry, a new dress, or even some techy gadget. But when I reflect back on all my birthdays, one stands…

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A Mouse…Not in the House?

I’m not a morning person.  Getting up at 5 a.m. is hard, very hard. Lots of coffee helps, as it did one recent morning as I navigated the dark, snowy roads of our neighborhood.  As the headlights lit the road in front of me, something scurried across.  Something very small…

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Land of Peaches and Corn

I’m not usually a corn-on-the-cob kind of girl. Corn is not my favorite vegetable, probably a result of too many cans of Delmonte corn growing up. But these looked irresistible.  The stalks were a vibrant green and the green husks were fresh looking, not dried out.  The Trader Joe’s employee…

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Three Years Ago…

Note:  This post refers to the Cold Springs Wildfire which occurred three years ago in July of 2016. “The best news ever.” I read the email one more time to make sure I read the words correctly. “The fire is contained enough, that we can go back to our homes…

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