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Rock Slides

“Ding, Ding” Fast asleep under the down comforter, I thought I dreamed it.  A doorbell, maybe? Nope, it was my cell phone.  Picking it up, I glanced at the time — 5:08 a.m.  Who could be messaging me at this hour?  Maybe an east coast friend… “Boulder Canyon closed at…

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Masked Marauders

I heard them before I saw them. “Eeeek, Eeek!” Their high-pitched shrieks alerted me I wasn’t alone. Out of the darkness they came.  The motions sensor light clicked on, illuminating their fat, furry bodies.  First one, with the trademark pointy nose and mask across its face, followed by the fluffy,…

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Dreading Winter or…

Looking forward to it. I got reminded today that there are indeed two perspectives when talking with a friend of mine. “Ugh, I heard we’re supposed to get snow again on Sunday.  Why can’t it stay like today all year round?” he lamented. “I take it you’re not  a winter…

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Being a Mountain Person

I remember the moment. As I hiked along Bubbs Creek in Kings Canyon National Park, my heart began to sing.  I could swear it would explode right out of my heart. There had been moments before.  When I first moved to the Sierra Nevada in California, I marveled at the…

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