One of the amazing things about living at 8200 feet in the mountains of Colorado is all the wildlife we see on our property and in our neighborhood.  Since we have lived here, we have seen bobcats on our front porch, a moose walking through our back yard, a herd of elk across the road, among other things.  It’s one of the things that reminds me of why I love living here.  The last few months, we’ve had a resident fox in our neighborhood, which isn’t all that unusual, but his color is.  Normally, we have red foxes who have red fur with a black tip on their tail.  Blackjack, as our neighbor calls him, is a derivation of the red fox species, but he is completely black.  He seems tobe  making his den off the Summer Road, our shortcut road to Boulder Canyon and I was able to snap this photo the other day.  He was completely curled up in a little ball by the side of the road and oh so cute!our resident black fox