Winter Park


High altitude advantage?

As I watched the Colorado Avalanche players whiz around the ice during they playoff game, I couldn’t help but wonder if they didn’t have a distinct advantage.  Not an advantage of coaching or superstar players.  No, that advantage definitely belonged to the Nashville Predators, conference winners. No, the advantage I…

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It ain’t over…

Until it’s over.  As I looked out the window last evening, the flakes started to fall.  First just a few, then more.  Perfectly formed, large, fluffy flakes.  By the time I got up this morning in Winter Park, Colorado, snow fell at a rapid rate, covering the trees and the…

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Ghost Cats

The ripped apart bloody remains of the deer were the first sign.   The giant paw prints in the snow, showing five distinct pads were the second sign.  Make no mistake — the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are mountain lion habitat. Living in the Sierra Mountains of California and now the…

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