Subaru Forester


Winter Bike to Work Day

“It’s Winter Bike to Work Week!” the email proclaimed.  “Hot drinks, snacks offered at street corners!” Hmmph.  If you read my earlier post about carbon footprints, you can pretty guess my thoughts on Winter Bike to Work Week.  The reality is there is never going to be a Bike to…

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Blow Over

Driving home tonight seemed uneventful.  It had been a clear but windy day on the plains. But as we drove up Boulder Canyon, the snow started to fall.  Gently at first, and then swirling around violently as we neared Nederland.  Where did the snow come from? The people who started…

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Buying the right mountain car

Glancing at the odometer, I saw it click over to 207,000 miles.  The car still seemed to be running ok, with just a slight oil leak requiring a quart of oil in between oil changes.  Still, I’d seen some specials online for some pretty good deals, and I didn’t want…

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