Sequoia National Park



Can you imagine eating 400 Oreo cookies per day for weeks on end?  Or 25 hamburgers? That’s what it’s like to be a black bear during the month of September in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  In order to get ready to den for the winter months, black bears must consume…

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Nederland Commuter Speed

Off I went, driving the big county van down the canyon.  Sitting high, and driving a county vehicle, I had to be much more careful than my usual drive down the canyon.  I actually ended up driving the speed limit, and being mindful of a controlled navigation of the many…

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Bears Forever Wild

Weary from the day’s backpack, after setting up my tent, I popped open the lid on the bear canister and wandered over to a rock to plop down.  I needed a moment to rest my aching back before pulling out my food and beginning the dinner routine.  With the sun…

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