Rocky Mountains


The Rosy Tree

As I make my way up from North Boulder Creek, I come to a trail junction.  I could head up the old mining road, but decide instead to go left up a steep slope.  I want to see my favorite tree. The Rosy Tree Both its size and color help…

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Meaning behind the flag

Working as a Park Ranger for many years, I became fascinated with visiting other national park sites.  One of my most memorable visits occurred at Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore.  I got to learn all about our national anthem as well as a lot of history behind America’s flag….

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High altitude advantage?

As I watched the Colorado Avalanche players whiz around the ice during they playoff game, I couldn’t help but wonder if they didn’t have a distinct advantage.  Not an advantage of coaching or superstar players.  No, that advantage definitely belonged to the Nashville Predators, conference winners. No, the advantage I…

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Bird, what bird?

Exhausted from my hike up Pawnee Pass, I stumbled along to a spot where I could sit down and take a break.  Breaking out my Kind Bars and some cheese, I sat and nibbled, while drinking water.  The hike had taken much more out of me than I had expected. …

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