Rocky Mountain National Park


Don’t Feed the Squirrels

A Strange Interaction As I came back from my lunch, I took my familiar position staffing the information desk.  Five minutes later, a family walked in — mom, dad, a younger daughter and son.  They looked to the be the typical midwestern family visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the…

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Boulder Falls

Driving up Boulder Canyon, the cars in front of me abruptly come to a stop.  After eight years living in Nederland, I’m used to slow traffic in summer.  Seems like everybody wants to get out of the heat and head to the mountains.  But this time is different.  The cars…

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Hike of the Week: Twin Sisters

“What’s a good early summer summit hike I can do?” When I worked as a Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, visitors frequently asked this question.  Many of the popular peaks within the park can be snow packed until Fourth of July, which can be frustrating for those anxious…

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