Rocky Mountain National Park


Memories of the Mill Site Inn

Yesterday was the end of an era.  The era of providing food and drink along the Peak to Peak Highway between Estes Park and Nederland. The Millsite Inn closed its doors for good yesterday.  If you’ve never driven the Peak to Peak Highway, you probably have no idea what I’m…

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The Parks of Colorado

Working as a park ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, I got asked a variety of questions from park visitors.  Many times they were obvious questions you’d expect:  “How far is it to Grand Lake?”, “Where can we see the elk?”, “Can you recommend an easy hike?” What’s a Park…

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The Mating Game

Feeling bleary-eyed from our long drive, the movement ahead of me on the road snapped me back awake.  As I pressed on the brakes, I saw the tell-tale white furry butt and the buff-colored body.  The female elk was standing on the center stripe of the road, looking directly into…

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Winter Preparations

As a Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, I used to do a program called “Autumn in the Rockies.”  The theme centered on how nature transitions and prepares itself for the coming winter. While talking to a neighbor who is new to Nederland, I realized the same is true…

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