Quotas for Wilderness?

What is wilderness? When I think of wilderness, I think of rugged natural settings, primeval forests, wildlife and most of all serenity. Wilderness is an escape from civilization and the bustle of every day life. I still remember the first time I climbed Pawnee Pass. It felt like the I…

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The Front Range

The Front Range. Spend any time in the state of Colorado and you’ll undoubtedly hear this term. “We’re expecting rain along the Front Range over the weekend.” “Housing prices increased along the Front Range the past year.” What’s in a Name So what exactly is the Front Range? Or perhaps…

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Dead Foxes

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby fox that is. One of the joys of this spring and summer has been seeing foxes and their kits den in our neighborhood. At first, I only got momentary glimpse of the little gray puff balls hiding under the rocks. Their tiny bodies…

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