Squeaky Snow

As I wake from bed, I stumble over to the loft and stare out the huge windows.  It is so cold that it seems even time has frozen.  The air is hushed and nothing seems to be moving in this wintry scene.  Still, it is 7 a.m. and the dogs…

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Halloween in the Mountains

“Do you think we’ll get trick or treaters?  Should I buy candy?”  my neighbor asked me. During the past year, we’ve had several new people move into our Nederland neighborhood.  Some from as far away as Washington, DC.  Others made more local moves from the plains of Colorado – Lafayette,…

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Pilgrimage to the Troll

My curiosity got the best of of me.  Due to a ski instructor clinic, I found myself in Breckenridge today, and decided to make a pilgrimage to see him. I got some information from a friend about the trail to take, and headed up Wellington Road. When I pulled into…

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