Fourth of July Plans

Fourth of July evokes celebrations of our country’s independence. Fireworks, family barbecues, and parades. This year, all of that goes out the window. During my life, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of Fourth of July celebrations. Right after college, I went with a bunch of friends to the Mall in…

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Like many, when we moved to Nederland, we were newbies to mountain living in Colorado. Shortly after buying our home, we experienced first-hand the extremes of mountain weather. In July 2010, a massive thunderstorm dumped hail in the Nederland area, with over six inches falling along the Shelf Road to…

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Finding the Balance

Walking up the trail, I spied a large group with several adults as well as two small kids. None of them wore masks. As we neared each other, it seemed like a game of chicken. Should we just keep proceeding towards each other on the narrow, single-track trail? As we…

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Boulder’s Beach

As I took the dogs out for their lunchtime walk. It felt hot. Nederland hot. In truth, the thermometer reached 74 degrees. However, consider that a typical summer day in Nederland rarely exceeds 80 degrees, it was in fact hot for mid-May. Breaking out my sandals and shorts, I could…

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