The Ultimate Workout

Three steps, lean over, shovel, three steps, dump. Over and over and over again. When you analyze it, shoveling snow is like a lot of other mundane jobs — it’s all about moving stuff. But for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved shoveling snow.  Probably more so now,…

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Feel the Burn

The mind felt willing, the body did not. I’ve written about weight training and exercising to get fit for Fourteeners. The same holds true for skiing down mountains. There are many ways to try and get fit for ski season.  Running, biking, weight training.  You can read magazines. You can…

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Working five years as a ski instructor at Winter Park, I’ve got the drive from Nederland down pat.  Full confession.  Sometime I zone out while driving and miss out on the beautiful scenery or wildlife along the way.  But this morning, as I took the Empire exit off I-70, out…

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Busted Snowstorm

The anticipation of a big snowstorm has always suckered me in, dating back to my childhood. Who didn’t want to have a snow day off from school?  Those days were few and far between growing up in Missouri.  But every now and then, the Snow Gods would bless us with…

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