Indian Peaks


Blow Over

Driving home tonight seemed uneventful.  It had been a clear but windy day on the plains. But as we drove up Boulder Canyon, the snow started to fall.  Gently at first, and then swirling around violently as we neared Nederland.  Where did the snow come from? The people who started…

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Giving thanks

Row upon row of faces — old, young, girls, boys — gathered to share the feast in front of them.  Despite the stress of the holiday season being upon us in the next two weeks, everyone appeared relaxed and content.  Sharing turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie and spirited conversation with friends…

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In Between Seasons

Skiing season is long over.  The big running race that I’ve been training for is over.  Memorial Day is over.  By all rights, it’s time for summer activities, namely hiking camping and backpacking.  Early June is a weird time up in the Rocky Mountains.  It’s the in between season. Temperatures…

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