Colorado Rocky Mountains


Being Bear Aware

The hot topic on NextDoor had a single subject line — “Bear.” Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado means living with wildlife.  Perhaps no single animal symbolizes the wild in wilderness more than bears.  Only black bears call Colorado home, as Grizzly Bears were hunted to extinction early in…

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The cool air hit me like a blast of air conditioning as I left the house.  Walking up the road, drops of water dripped off the tree branches.  Shawnee’s white fur on her legs was splattered with the red-brown color of the road.  And everything just seemed that much greener. …

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‘Tis the Season

As I drive up Boulder Canyon, dust envelops my car.  Except this dust is not of the brown variety, but rather green.  Clouds of green swirl around me, creating a murky haze that makes it difficult to even see the steep granite walls above me.  It is the season of…

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Wildfire Awareness Month

Update:  A neighbor who lost their home in the Cold Springs Wildfire wrote me with two excellent suggestions.  Make sure you put the deeds to your vehicles as well as an extra set of keys in the safe deposit box as well.  Thanks for the suggestion, John! The month of…

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