Colorado Public Radio


The Dangers of Outdoor Recreation

What’s the most dangerous outdoor sport in Colorado? This question posed by a listener on Colorado Public Radio got me thinking about all the things I like to do outside. She specifically asked because her child wanted to learn downhill skiing, and stories of people dying after hitting a tree…

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Poo in the Air = Snow?

Living in the mountains for many winters, I’ve often thought the air brings signs of snow before the flakes fly.  Sometimes it’s in the form of extreme wind.  Sometimes, there’s a faint smell of moisture, sort of like rain, but more subtle.  Sometimes it’s just the feel of heavier humidity….

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Knowing Your Neighbors

Block party!  The flyer evoked memories of neighborhood families gathering together in a mid western suburb with kids playing jump rope, hamburgers grilling on the grill, and people sharing a beer on a hot summer day. Yet this flyer instead advertised a get together in a rural part of Colorado…

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