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Nesting Among Skyscrapers

I’ve never been a bird person.  While working as a Park Ranger for 17 years, visitors frequently asked about wildlife. “How much do black bears weigh?” “How many elk live in the park?” “Should we worry about mountain lions when hiking?” But the one question that usually I struggled with…

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Holiday Lights

Like many kids, I loved Christmas. But it wasn’t just about the presents under the tree.  I loved everything else — the gingerbread cookies, the wreaths on the door and yes, the holiday lights. My dad kind of took a unique approach the lights.  He bought these iridescent blue lights…

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The Gold Rush That Wasn’t

Living in the foothills of the Front Range, you can’t escape the history of Colorado’s Gold Rush. Old mines abound as you hike local trails near Caribou, Eldora and Ward and old mining roads dot the Forest Service land around Nederland. So, I listened with interest when Colorado Public Radio…

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The Dangers of Outdoor Recreation

What’s the most dangerous outdoor sport in Colorado? This question posed by a listener on Colorado Public Radio got me thinking about all the things I like to do outside. She specifically asked because her child wanted to learn downhill skiing, and stories of people dying after hitting a tree…

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