Cold Springs wildfire


Knowing Your Neighbors

Block party!  The flyer evoked memories of neighborhood families gathering together in a mid western suburb with kids playing jump rope, hamburgers grilling on the grill, and people sharing a beer on a hot summer day. Yet this flyer instead advertised a get together in a rural part of Colorado…

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New Campfire Law

The Cold Springs Wildfire of 2016 and Colorado’s largest wildfire have one thing in common.  They both were started by a campfire that had not been put out properly.  Perhaps that is why Colorado enacted a new law on July 1 called the Campfire Law. Disastrous Consequences of Ignorance Two years…

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The Dog Days

Glancing down at my car thermometer, I saw a number I’d never seen before.  101.  As in 101 degrees. As soon as I got out of the car, the heat hit me, like a blast furnace shooting hot dry air at me.  People who live in the east will say…

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Wildfire Wildlife

From Burn to Boon

When I first saw my friends after their home burned to the ground, I didn’t know what to say?  I knew how I would feel if we had lost our home.  But the loss felt even more bitter for my friends.  Like my husband and me, they had bought the…

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