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Early Season Skiing?

“Did you hear? Eldora is opening this Friday!” “I can’t wait to go skiing, I got my new boots and skis!” My friends were stoked to get out the boards and start sliding down the hill. Then I got the email. “We’re Opening Early!  The snow is here and conditions…

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Busted Snowstorm

The anticipation of a big snowstorm has always suckered me in, dating back to my childhood. Who didn’t want to have a snow day off from school?  Those days were few and far between growing up in Missouri.  But every now and then, the Snow Gods would bless us with…

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Rock Slides

“Ding, Ding” Fast asleep under the down comforter, I thought I dreamed it.  A doorbell, maybe? Nope, it was my cell phone.  Picking it up, I glanced at the time — 5:08 a.m.  Who could be messaging me at this hour?  Maybe an east coast friend… “Boulder Canyon closed at…

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Masked Marauders

I heard them before I saw them. “Eeeek, Eeek!” Their high-pitched shrieks alerted me I wasn’t alone. Out of the darkness they came.  The motions sensor light clicked on, illuminating their fat, furry bodies.  First one, with the trademark pointy nose and mask across its face, followed by the fluffy,…

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