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I hate La Nina

Last Sunday, I got really excited.  Really excited.  After waiting all winter for a decent snow storm, it seemed we would finally get our spring upslope snowstorm.  Joel Gratz of OpenSnow, wrote of the models that forecast storms, predicting 1-2 feet of new snow, favoring the east side of the…

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High altitude advantage?

As I watched the Colorado Avalanche players whiz around the ice during they playoff game, I couldn’t help but wonder if they didn’t have a distinct advantage.  Not an advantage of coaching or superstar players.  No, that advantage definitely belonged to the Nashville Predators, conference winners. No, the advantage I…

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Wildfire Concerns

A look at the National Weather Service website, provided a rainbow of colors across the state of Colorado — red, pink, orange blotches all dotted the map.  What exactly was going on?  Such is the state of weather and micro climates in Colorado.  At the same time snow fell on…

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