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As I opened the car door, the wind grabbed it from my hands, jerking it open. Stepping out of the car, the biting wind brought tears to my eyes. Within seconds, I could no longer feel my ears. As I opened the hatch, Shawnee peered out at me. Normally, she…

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Skiing Covid Style

“I think we should go skiing today” Bryon said. “I don’t know, I’m not feeling that well.” “It will be good to have some fun like we used to and get away from all the stresses.” Begrudgingly, I put my ski pants on, grabbed my jacket, skis and boot bag…

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Snow Boots for Your Dog

As we traipsed through the new snow, Shawnee suddenly stopped and sat down. “What’s wrong Shawnee?” I asked. I didn’t really need to ask the question, because I already knew the answer. She laid down, and started nibbling at her paws. Or more accurately, she grabbed on to the area…

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