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Seize the Day

Tragedy has a way of reminding of us of what is important in life. Years ago, a friend of mine tragically lost her life much too soon. This sudden loss caused those who knew her best to examine our own lives more closely. “When I lose someone so suddenly, I…

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Sleeping on the Continental Divide

Tramping down the winding trail, the Rocky Mountains surrounded us. Given Colorado is home to sweeping panoramic views, that in itself, wasn’t particularly different. But the trail itself provided a unique experience of actually walking North America’s Continental Divide. Many visitors to Colorado confuse the Continental Divide with the crest…

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Fourth of July Plans

Fourth of July evokes celebrations of our country’s independence. Fireworks, family barbecues, and parades. This year, all of that goes out the window. During my life, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of Fourth of July celebrations. Right after college, I went with a bunch of friends to the Mall in…

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Like many, when we moved to Nederland, we were newbies to mountain living in Colorado. Shortly after buying our home, we experienced first-hand the extremes of mountain weather. In July 2010, a massive thunderstorm dumped hail in the Nederland area, with over six inches falling along the Shelf Road to…

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