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The Last Frontier

My 50-state quest is coming to an end.  As of tomorrow, I will have visited all 50 states, culminating with a visit to Alaska. As we will be camping and visiting remote wilderness spots, my blogging may be minimal over the next ten days. However, I’m sure I will have…

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Beyond the Two-Mile Mark

I signed Bryon and I up for trail patrol weeks ago, picking Bob and Betty Lakes as our destination.  It was one of the few places we hadn’t hike to in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Sunday seemed like the perfect day, allowing us a day of rest on Monday for…

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A Seed is Planted

Note:  This is an excerpt from my memoir I am working on.  It explains where my connection from the mountains comes from, dating back to my childhood. Where does our connection to place come from? If your life’s journey never exposes you to a place, will you know what you…

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