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Prepping for the Big Peaks

As a Park Ranger working at Rocky Mountain National Park, I was often asked about Longs Peak. “What can I do to get ready to hike Longs Peak?” “Well, you might try testing yourself on a smaller peak to see how you do.  Something like Twin Sisters, or Flattop Mountain.”…

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Cell Service in Boulder Canyon?

During the last few months of surviving road construction, a few things have provided a bit of comic relief.  None, more so than waiting at a stoplight in the canyon and reading the sign posted at said stoplight. “If signals are flashing, contact 970-260-8719” I literally had a LOL moment…

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The Gold Rush That Wasn’t

Living in the foothills of the Front Range, you can’t escape the history of Colorado’s Gold Rush. Old mines abound as you hike local trails near Caribou, Eldora and Ward and old mining roads dot the Forest Service land around Nederland. So, I listened with interest when Colorado Public Radio…

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