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The New Normal?

As I walked out of work, the air felt thick and grainy.  Driving down the street,  I glanced towards the Flatirons and was flabbergasted.  The mountains were gone, buried behind a gray, smoky haze.  Instead of the quintessential blue sky day where I could easily spot Longs Peak and Mt….

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Wild Wildlife Stories

I can’t even imagine how these home owners felt.  My heart surely would have skipped a beat, or two. A story came out in The Daily Camera, Boulder’s newspaper, last week about a couple who came home  to find a mountain lion in their living room.  Apparently, the wild cat…

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Winter Forecast

I’m over it.  I’m really over another hot, dry summer day.  Days like today make me long for that first snowstorm of the season.  An avid skier, I look forward to those big, fat fluffy flakes falling.  Anybody else wondering after months of dry weather, how much snow we might…

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