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The Rim Trail

Where’s there’s a lake, there’s a rim.  Where there’s a rim, there’s a trail.  At least in the case of Barker Reservoir. As the sun started to sink lower in the sky, I felt the need to try and squeeze in a run.  My normal favored running spots are almost…

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Rabid Wildlife

The family sat at the picnic table, spreading out their feast.  A small girl with braids started giggling uncontrollably.  As I walked closer to see what was going on, my heart sunk. Lily Lake teemed with visitors that day.  The little girl was feeding a chipmunk peanuts, and it had…

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The Mountain Commute

“So do you really love living up here?” Karen asked. “Yeah, pretty much.” “So what do you find the most daunting about it?  It’s probably the commute, isn’t it?  Is it hard driving up and down the canyon every day?” I felt surprised by her assumption. “No, the commute doesn’t…

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