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A branch of a tree rustles.  A white paw appears.   Then some gray ears. Before I know it, she is passing three feet in front of me.  What I remember most is the long legs, the thick fur, and brown eyes.  Then she begins to bark, and her three companions…

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On the Road

I’ve been camping out the last few nights so having problems posting due to lack of internet.  Have some interesting topics to discuss, but it’s challenging trying to blog post from a smart phone. Will post in the next day or two when I can get a regular internet connection….

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What’s in Your Fire Box?

The smell of smoke is in the air again.  And as I drive down to work, I hear about a small fire that ignited on Sugarloaf Road.  Fortunately, the fire fighters jump on it quickly and snuff it out when it is only around seven acres. But thinking about how…

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