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Life Zones

Driving down Boulder Canyon, this particular morning, my senses are heightened.  I’m noticing the snow clinging to the granite as I drive through the Narrows.  As I pass the turn off to Sugarloaf Road, the vibrant green budding leaves of the Narrowleaf Cottonwood stand out.  Finally, as I arrive in…

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Slush Bumps

White skinny legs sticking out from under plaid shorts.  An equally porcelain bare chested young man skiing up to me, leaving a spray of slushy snow in his wake.  People sunning themselves on the deck, while sipping beer, enjoying the warm rays of sun.  Such is the scene of skiing…

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A Home for Beavers

Slap!  Slap! I stopped, holding the dogs leashes taut.  Looking into the bushes, I tried to locate where the sound was coming from. Slap! I glanced towards the creek.  Then I saw it.  A blur of fur and a flat tail that slapped the water, as the creature slithered through…

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My Green Thumb

“Here’s a present for you!” my friend proclaimed. With that, she presented me a small fig plant in a tiny container, about 3 inches in diameter.  I put it on the end table in my living room and did my best to keep it alive. At the time, I lived…

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