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The Dog Days

Glancing down at my car thermometer, I saw a number I’d never seen before.  101.  As in 101 degrees. As soon as I got out of the car, the heat hit me, like a blast furnace shooting hot dry air at me.  People who live in the east will say…

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Lightning is no Joke

Quiz time!  What causes more fatalities in Colorado?  Mountain lion attacks or lightning strikes? If you live here in the mountains, I’m sure you realize the perils of lightning.  But judging by what I saw today, a lot of people don’t. Ignorance is not Bliss I ran into a group…

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Don’t Feed the Squirrels

A Strange Interaction As I came back from my lunch, I took my familiar position staffing the information desk.  Five minutes later, a family walked in — mom, dad, a younger daughter and son.  They looked to the be the typical midwestern family visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the…

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