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The Nederland Experience

“Do I need to change?” my dad asks. “No, Dad, things are pretty casual in Nederland.  A pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, and you’ll fit right in” I replied. “Although you might want change your shoes” I added. He had on blue canvas shoes with the name “Sperry”…

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Loved to Death?

The line extended as far as the eye could see. “How much farther do you think the entrance gate is?” Bryon asked. “It’s got to be at least a mile.” I replied. “How many gates do they normally have at this entrance?” “At least three.  But usually seasonals are laid…

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The Changing of the Hare

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something large hop behind a bush. It dwarfed the ordinary cottontails that we see on our property. Hopping again, I noticed something else. The feet and ears were snow white, but the body remained an earthy brown. With its large feet…

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Late Color Change

The wait is over.  Peak color is finally arriving to the high country of Colorado.  Some of my favorite hikes are walking among golden aspen trees with snow capped peaks looming up above. It just took a little longer than in past years. Two weeks ago, I got a Facebook…

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