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The Pasque Flower

During this time when the world seems upside down, I look desperately for signs of hope. Signs of beauty. Signs of normality. On our walk down to North Boulder Creek the other evening, I found it. A sign that life begins anew and spring is on its way. Something faint…

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Coronavirus — Impact on Nature

Spur trails making loops back to the main trail, or what we call social trails are forming at our favorite trails around Boulder. It’s understandable. We’re all suffering symptoms of “quarantine fatigue.” Couple that with balmy weather, and people start to hit the trails. In droves. But how do you…

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The Summer Road Workout

As I trod up the dirt road, my steps becoming smaller. As the grade becomes even steeper, I find myself sweating, and my ponytail clings to the nape of my neck. My breathing becomes more labored as I continue up and up. Finally, I’m reduced to a pace of a…

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Online Learning Forever?

Note: This is a guest post from a fellow Nederland writer, Anne Upczak-Garcia, who also works as a teacher. Being an elementary school teacher in the middle of a pandemic has been challenging, frustrating, and enlightening. At the same time, many things haven’t changed. Yesterday, my husband was telling me…

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