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Blow Over

Driving home tonight seemed uneventful.  It had been a clear but windy day on the plains. But as we drove up Boulder Canyon, the snow started to fall.  Gently at first, and then swirling around violently as we neared Nederland.  Where did the snow come from? The people who started…

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Being Present

Waiting at a stoplight in Boulder, the turn signal turned green.  Yet the car in front of me didn’t move.  I waited patiently a few seconds, and still nothing.  Finally, I tooted the horn, and just as the light was turning yellow, he turned onto the cross street. In the…

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Christmas Bird Count

What I Don’t Know I have a confession. Working as a Park Ranger for 17 years, most people assume certain things about me. They think I know stuff.  In fact, most visitors consider Park Rangers an expert on all things living — plants, trees, flowers, wildlife.  Especially wildlife. “How big…

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The Gondola

I saw it come to life over a matter of weeks.  First, I walked through the village and I saw the towers perched on the hillside.  Later, cable first lay across the bricks, then got strung  — one tower to the next.  A huge crane loomed over the Sun Spot…

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