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The Long Journey Ahead

The wings of green are flitting so fast, it’s hard to follow where the bird is.  Though it would be hard to believe, hummingbirds are on a feeding frenzy right now.  They have to be.  Because they are about to embark on a long, long journey. Summer in the Rocky…

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Winter Preparations

As a Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, I used to do a program called “Autumn in the Rockies.”  The theme centered on how nature transitions and prepares itself for the coming winter. While talking to a neighbor who is new to Nederland, I realized the same is true…

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Drought = Early Fall Colors

Who doesn’t enjoy the golds, oranges and even reds of the autumn colors?  When I worked at Rocky Mountain National Park, my favorite month was September.  Because I commuted on the Peak to Peak Highway, I got to enjoy every bit of color our aspen trees produce during fall.  As…

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