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If you build it...
Place Names
A trip up Boulder Canyon
Muddy Waters
Pop, Pop, Pop
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Growing up in a mountain town
A future Olympian?
Snowy woods


I know the tourist season is upon us in Colorado when I’m driving home stuck behind the “turtles.”  Our friend here in Nederland first acquainted us with this term, when she told us it took her a bit longer to get home one day going up Boulder Canyon because she…

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Roaring Rivers

                            We’ve had some pretty wild weather the last week, complete with thunderstorms, heavy rain and even hail.  Add to that, the well above normal snow pack from this past winter, and it’s a recipe for extremely…

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Saws and Slaws

We found out early on, that wildfire is a very real threat that comes with living in the mountains.  Five weeks after moving into our home, the most destructive wildfire to date in Colorado, Four Mile Canyon, came within 4 miles of where we were living.  Shortly after, we had…

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Mountain dogs and black dogs

Since I recently posted about our wildlife friend, Blackjack, the black fox, I feel compelled to write about an issue a high school friend brought to my attention — the lack of adoptability for black dogs.  I adopted Simon, our wonderful flat-coated retriever mix eight years ago from a shelter,…

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