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The Mountain Commute

“So do you really love living up here?” Karen asked. “Yeah, pretty much.” “So what do you find the most daunting about it?  It’s probably the commute, isn’t it?  Is it hard driving up and down the canyon every day?” I felt surprised by her assumption. “No, the commute doesn’t…

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The Dark Horse

Every year, around this time, skiers in Colorado start to watch out for the telltale signs of snowmaking equipment running.  Combine the cold temperatures with some surprise early season snow, and pretty soon the lifts are turning. It’s not just bragging rights for Colorado that’s at stake for being the…

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Soup and Stew Weather

During the recent cold and snowy weather snap, I’ve found myself craving a different kind of food.  For weeks, I’d eaten more salads and fruit than I could fathom.  Now, I wanted something that filled me up and warmed me from the inside out.  Heartier food.  Good bye to salads,…

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First Snow

The day started out with a chill to the air.  After what seemed like an endless parade of dry and hot days, finally fall had arrived.  Clouds sank further and further, obscuring the tops of the mountains.  An occasional glimmer of gold peaked out from the fog that seemed to…

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