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I guess I really am a winter person. The last few weeks of heat have weighed on me. Hot weather and me just don’t mix. I found it hard to exercise, to sleep, to even want to eat. Nothing seemed appealing. I just felt like a sloth inching along through…

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Road Trip Covid Style

I love road trips. Or at least, I used to. Right after college, before there was an internet, I used to keep a collection of maps. On an given weekend, I would pull my maps out, pick out an interesting place I’d never been before and take a road trip….

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Work From Home

Could work from home be the salvation for rural mountain communities? When we first moved from Maryland to Colorado, we lived in Palisade, Colorado on the western slope. During our time there, we discovered the beauty of the San Juan Mountains. A mere one and half hours south, I was…

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