Mark it down, the winter of 2015 that never ends…  May, 2015 is turning into one of the rainiest and snowiest on record.  The high today reached a not so balmy 32 degrees with fog and snow falling.  We’ve had over 5 inches of precipitation for the month, and it’s not over yet.  That’s more than double our average for the month of May.  Snow continues to fall in feet up along the high peaks above 10,000 feet, adding to the snow pack along the Divide. Arapahoe Basin, the only ski area in Colorado still open, continues to keep the lifts turning, with no closing date announced.

Barker Reservoir in Nederland is full to the banks, with water spilling over the dam, and turbulent water rushing along the banks of Boulder Creek.  Other local reservoirs along the foothills and on the Plains are full as well — good news in terms of water conservation and usage as we head into the summer months.  IMG_1130[1]

Down on the Plains, it feels as if we’ve been transported to Ireland.  Day after day of gray rain continues to fall, and the hills from Loveland down to Colorado Springs have turned a brilliant emerald green.  If you look at the forecast, there is no end in sight to the forecasted rainy weather.  For those of us who worry about wild land fire, this presents a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, the wet weather immediately reduces the wildfire risk.  On the other hand, it helps to grow grasses and shrubs, that just a few weeks of dry weather can turn into ample fuel for wildfires.   And the truth is, we need the hot weather in June to suck in the monsoonal moisture for July and August that we will need to keep the fire risk down through the summer.

Something about the gray, rainy weather seems comforting though.  Maybe because this is so atypical here in Colorado, I’m enjoying reading books, watching movies, and snuggling with our cats in front of the fire.  I’m enjoying the smell of rain and the fog hanging on top of the trees, with an occasional peak poking through the clouds.  I know this is a rare treat, and that summer will be bringing its share of sunny, hot days ahead in the near future.