Well, ULLR is at it again.  Last year on Mother’s Day, we received our biggest snow of the year, 22 inches in total.  At the time, I thought that was pretty unusual, and thought, I’ll probably never see that again.  But here we are, on the eve of Mother’s Day, one year later, and it’s snowing hard outside, with forecasts calling for up to a foot of snow.

The snow is almost a relief though, given we’ve had six straight days of rain.  With the Great Flood of September, 2013 still burnished in my brain, waves or rain put me on edge.  As I drove home, I saw Boulder Creek starting to overflow its banks as the brown, roiling water tumbled over rocks and around trees down Boulder Canyon.  It can make a person wary. At least precipitation falling in the frozen form doesn’t add to the already soggy soil and too full river waters around Boulder County.

I have to confess, I get a secret delight from seeing snow fall this late for a few reasons.  One, of course, the more moisture we get later in the spring, the lower the risk of wildfires.  That’s the practical reason.  But I get a sort of fiendish delight in taking pictures of snowfall in May and posting them to Facebook, just to rile up my friends in other parts of the country.  I know I’ll get a slew of comments from people living someplace where it’s 70 degrees with blooming flowers shocked over the thought it could be snowing anywhere in the world right now.  I particularly enjoy hearing from our friend, Dave, who seems to abhor snow of any kind, any time.

And any time it snows, just seems to make it that much more wonderful living in our little log home in the mountains.  There’s something particularly romantic about having the fire going, hanging out, watching the snow pile up on the evergreens.  It reminds me of the very first weekend we spent in our house after buying it.  It was actually early June, but a raw, cold rainy weekend, so we started up the stove, and I was sitting in our loft feeling like I had found my forever home.  Ahhhhhh…..

So I say, bring on the snow, ULLR, God of the North.  It’s good to see one more powder day before the sunny, hot days of summer roll in.