photo (14)When most people are planting flowers, riding bikes with winter a distant memory, those of us in Colorado are taking advantage of late snow storms by enjoying the best of spring skiing.  Spring skiing can be one of the nicest time of year, as the snow “corns” up, becoming soft and forgiving, with lots of sunshine and minimal winter clothing — sometimes a long-sleeve shirt and ski pants will do.  You will occasionally see someone brave enough to wear shorts, but not me.  I know that catching an edge can send you into the snow with lots of strawberries the result of those bare legs.

After tomorrow, there will be only three resorts left open in Colorado — Winter Park, Arapahoe Basin, and Loveland.  Winter Park closes on Sunday.  Arapahoe Basin annually tries for the longest season in North American, being the first to open back in October, and stretching the season to as long as conditions will allow.  For that reason, in addition to my Winter Park ski pass, I also have a 3-pack to Arapahoe Basin.  With luck, I still have four more ski days that I can squeeze in, before hanging up the skis for the season.

Many resorts host wacky, closing weekend activities.  Winter Park celebrates the end of their season with live bands during their Springtopia celebration.  Perhaps the most entertaining of spring skiing activities is pond skimming.  Skiers ski down the slushy slopes towards a small “pond” of water, and with the right amount of speed, can actually skim the pond, or in effect water ski the pond to the other side.  Most end up sinking down in the water.  Some don’t even try to skim the pond, but rather instead try to do twists, flips, and other wacky maneuvers as they enter the pond.  Whatever the entrance and exit, it is good fun watching the results.