I wrote in an earlier post about the great history of the Ski Train, the train that ran on weekends from Denver’s Union Station up to Winter Park Ski Resort for many decades.  I had also mentioned that it stopped running in March, 2009.  Well, in conjunction with Winter Park’s 75th anniversary, the ski train will be running again on Saturday, March 14 after a 5-year hiatus.  When it was announced, the tickets sold out in less than 10 hours.  So a second train was announced for Sunday, March 15 which in turn sold out within six hours.  Apparently, despite its absence, the attraction of taking the train instead of spending hours in traffic is very appealing.

I must confess that even though, we live over an hour from Denver, and so in many ways it doesn’t make sense for us, I would have loved to have gotten a ticket to take the train to my “home” ski resort.  The train ride through the Flatirons and its 26 tunnels is one of the most scenic I have ever been on.  And the thought of taking a leisurely train ride to a day of skiing as opposed to driving my car and fighting traffic along the way seems even more appealing.  The idea of enjoying a social “happy hour” in the club car on the way back sounds even more fun.  I think secretly my hope is that this one-time event will lead to a long-term revival, and I will eventually be able to enjoy my own personal step back in time on the ski train.