“I just went to Target and everything’s gone” says my co-worker.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“All the hand sanitizer, all the kleenex, water, toilet paper. All the rubbing alcohol is gone too, because people are trying to make their own hand sanitizer.”

As Coronavirus continue to make its way across the country, the frenzy continues.  Stores in bigger cities are particularly hard hit. I hear people are raiding the shelves of Costco to stock up their pantries for pending “quarantines.”

I wrote earlier about life in a small rural town, and the benefits during a time of national crisis.

But I didn’t write about our local market, the B and F Market.

The B and F Market is an independently owned, local grocery market. It doesn’t have everything, but it does have enough to feed your family and take care of a cold. Prices are often higher than they would be at the local Target or Safeway.

But the convenience factor can not be underestimated. Especially with the Boulder Canyon construction, adding on 10-20 minutes of driving time.

It’s not just the convenience though. I genuinely enjoy a trip to the B and F. It just seems less stressful. I can easily find a parking spot close to the door. People are friendly and patient, including the people who work there. They don’t seem as grumpy as the cashiers down in Boulder.

If there is ever a line at any check stand, someone’s on the intercom, and they immediately open a new lane. And I can get a bag without paying an extra fee.

And there’s a good chance, I’ll run into a friendly face as I walk the aisles looking for that something to satisfy my craving.

“Hey Steve, how’s retirement going? What have you been up to these days?”

We chat, happy to spend time catching up. I’m in no hurry to “get up the canyon”, knowing it’s just a short drive home.

But what I’m most grateful for right now, during the coronavirus outbreak, is that they actually have kleenex, water, toilet paper, and yes, even hand sanitizer.

All at the local market.