tube to work

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Bike to Work” Day that takes place in June every year, as a means to promote alternative forms of transportation.  Well, only in Boulder, Colorado, would you have a celebration of a rather unique type of commuting– tubing.  Boulder Creek runs right through the heart of downtown  Boulder.  During hot, summer days,  it is common for people to take to the creek in inner tubes to cool themselves off.  Well, six years ago two friends decided to try tubing to work instead of biking to work and the idea has now become an annual event.  This year, 40 people took to the creek donned in business suits and work attire over wetsuits to make the daily commute without the use of any gasoline or other motorized vehicles.  They also had a blast in the course of doing so, as evidenced by the comments appearing in Boulder’s daily newspaper, The Daily Camera.  The event has also apparently been blessed by the City of Boulder, as this year, they sponsored a breakfast at the take out point for the tubers.  How could getting to work be any more fun than this?