First off, thanks to you trusty readers who actually read this blog regularly.  Your faith in me and interest in what I write means the world to me.

Secondly, several of you have asked about this book.  I started it over several years ago, but as afflicts many aspiring novelists, I’ve put it down for weeks and  months a time, and that does not lend itself to good story-telling.

I needed a kick in the pants, and fortunately, I got one from my friend, Anne, who is also part of my monthly writing circle here in Nederland.  So thank you dear friend, your being in this with me, is what I need to carve out the time each day to put down those words!

Ok, here’s a synopsis of my book as a tease.


In Search of the Center Place

Through stories and ceremonies, Puebloan groups such as the Hopi and the Zuni recount their ancestors’ search for their destiny.  Migrations ended when each group found their rightful place.  Ritually these places or villages are each considered to be the center of the universe (Wupatki National Monument)

Many people dream of living in a place that fulfills them, where stress is minimal and contentment is high.  But so many put off pursuing their rightful place until “some day.”  Some day after I’ve retired.  Some day, when I have more money.  Some day, when my children are grown up and have moved away.

This story traces one woman’s journey to ultimately find her place and lead her perceived dream life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Discover how her faith is tested again and again through natural disasters and personal challenges and whether she truly found fulfillment in her center place.