As faint light enveloped the room, I stumbled out of bed.  Walking out to the loft, I stared out the huge windows facing west to see a world of white.  It really had happened.  Fluffy snow coated the deck railings and the barbecue.  Soft flakes continued to float down out of the ash gray sky.

All of the sudden on Monday night, the weather forecast listed a Winter Weather Advisory for Nederland.  Those forecasters in Boulder wrote that we could get from 4-8 inches of snow through Monday afternoon.  Still as we got ready for bed, the rain persisted at a chilly, but not quite freezing, 36 degrees.  I went to sleep feeling very skeptical.

But waking this morning, I felt giddy.  The first snow of the season on October 2.  And a healthy five inches of snow at that.  The dogs seemed to sense my excitement, butts wriggling, faces pleading with me to let them out to frolic in the frozen wonderland.

For the first time since last May, I donned my wool hat, pulled on my down jacket, and dug into the closet to pull out snow boots.  For some, winter brings about a state of despair and gloom.  Just yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman living in Louisville, who assured me if he never saw snow again in his life, it would be just fine.

But even after all these years, the first snow of the season stirred something inside me.  The small child who delighted in making snow angels and building snowmen awakened.  A smile came to my face, just feeling the soft snow crunch beneath my boots.

My child-like glee turned to work within a few minutes, as the lights dimmed.  Most of the aspen trees haven’t even dropped their leaves, with glints of gold peeking out among the snow laden branches.  It is perhaps one of these trees that has brought down a line and cut the electricity.

I’ve been through this so many times before, I quickly grab my cell phone.  Nederland’s winds and snows produce ample power outages and I am prepared.  Then I head for the one corded phone in the house, calling Excel Energy to report the outage.

That done, I set myself to another task.  Over a year ago, we finally took the plunge and bought a generator.  Up until now, Bryon has always started it when the power went out.  But he’s at work, it’s my turn.

Why didn’t I read the instructions?  Then as I trudge through the snow to look at it, hoping it will intuitively come to me how to start it, I notice a green label on the side — “Instructions for starting the generator.”  How handy!

After struggling to find all the associated valves, choke switches and other buttons to turn or push, the engine revs up and starts running.  I now have heat, internet and a working refrigerator.

Cozily sipping my hot cocoa, reading the day’s news and feeling the warmth of the stove, what better way to spend my Monday than to enjoy our first snowfall.

Life is good.