I don’t know how many faithful readers I have out there, but today was just not the best day.  I usually try to write something every other day to keep in a regular routine, but not sure I have it in me tonight.  I guess one of the things about mountain living is it can be rather isolating.  When you have a down day, it’s easy to just be reclusive, shut yourself inside with no contact from the outside world.  And that is the kind of evening and feeling I am having tonight.

I wrote a while back that mountain living could be a double edged sword in terms of health.  On the one hand, I feel I have ample opportunities to be active and exercise.  But on the other hand, it can be a very lonely existence sometimes, and make you feel you are all alone with your problems.  And that is where I am today.  I’m sure like most things, this too shall pass, and brighter days are ahead.  But I don’t have the inspiring writer words in me today, so with that I will sign off, with hopes of words to come later on this week.